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On first opening the application, you’ll see the main window:


The application will attempt to detect a suitable URL for EWS.  It does this by performing an Active Directory lookup for the mailbox server of the currently logged on user.  This works well in my test environment, but there are many situations where it won’t (it should actually use Autodiscover to find a CAS) – I will update this algorithm at some point.  If the URL is not correct, or you want to test any other service, just enter the correct URL in the textbox.

To authenticate as the current user, keep that option ticked.  If you need to provide other authentication details, untick the checkbox and enter the user details in the other boxes.

To use impersonation, select the type (e.g. EWS), then click Set…  Enter the details, then Save.  To apply these impersonation settings to any SOAP request, just click Apply (note that the entire SOAP header will be replaced if one exists).

The grey Tools… button allows you access to some EWS tools (at the time of writing, these are ConvertID and some XML templates).

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