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How to retrieve an item from the inbox

This guide shows how to retrieve an item from the Inbox of a mailbox, which involves a FindItem request followed by a GetItem request.

  1. Enter the relevant authentication information for the mailbox, and also the URL (or use autodiscover to determine the correct URL)
  2. From the template drop-down (to the left of the Load template button), select FindItem, then click Load template.
  3. In the template window, enter Inbox into the Folder field.  All other fields can be left at their default values.  Once done, click Ok to copy the EWS request to the main window.
    FindItem template (Inbox)
  4. Click Send to send the request to Exchange.  Assuming that all the details are correct (authentication and URL), you will receive a response (displayed in the Response textbox).  Any errors will also be displayed in the response textbox. The response will contain a list of ItemIds for the first 50 messages found in the Inbox (assuming the default template values were kept).
  5. To retrieve a specific item (e.g. the first in the list), we first need to copy the ItemId so that we can use it in a GetItem request.  To do this, right-click over the ItemId in the response, and then select Copy ItemId (Id only).  You'll see the entire ItemId element highlighted, and just the Id attribute will be copied to the clipboard.
    Copy ItemId (without ChangeKey)
  6. Now select GetItem (Email) from the template drop-down list, and then click Load template.
  7. In the Item field, paste the ItemId from the clipboard, then click Ok.
    GetItem (Email
  8. From the main SOAPe window, click Send to send the GetItem request to Exchange.  You will then receive the response, which will include the MIME content of the message.

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